What are the benefits afforded to you if your were injured or disabled at work?  Everyone knows that the answer is Workers’ Compensation.  But do you really know what Workers’ Compensation is?

By definition it is the medical payments and lost wages afforded to an employee who has gotten injured while on the job.  In New York, the benefits are set by a state formula which includes payments for medical care, to replace lost income, as well as the time for medical reasons related to the injury.   It is an insurance claim that is filed through your employer’s Insurance Company.

This does not mean you will receive workers’ compensation it just means you are eligible to obtain it.  Remember your employer’s insurance company pays the benefits and can refuse.

Our team of New York workers compensation attorneys are knowledgeable in all aspects of the law. We can manage your case at any step of the process, from the initial claim, to representing you during an formal hearing, to requesting a review before the Workers’ Compensation Board Commissioners, and even filing an appeal to State Court.

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