A New York postal worker who was driving a postal truck at the time of a hit and run accident that killed a Manhattan woman has been given acquittal by a jury. The 63-year old driver, Ian Clement, was facing a charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. It was alleged Clement struck Marilyn Dershowitz with his postal truck.


Dershowitz was riding her bike along West 29th Street in Manhattan which is near a busy postal depot. Clement was operating the postal truck and testified during his trial that he felt a bump then heard other drivers nearby honking their horns. He drove off without getting out of his truck. His defense attorney said that Clement was not aware at the time he had hit a person.


The 68-year old woman was crushed by the back wheels of the postal truck which weighs about seven ton. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital where she died. Clement received a not guilty verdict from a jury. He expressed sympathy for the dead woman’s family which includes her husband who is an attorney. He did not take part in the trial. The woman was also the sister-in-law of the famed attorney Alan Dershowitz.