Choosing a new primary care physician, especially if you have grown used to a great doctor over the years can be frustrating. When your regular doctor retires or moves away, finding a new primary care physician will take some time and effort so it is best to not delay in the process. Many people go to doctors they are not happy with when they are pressed for time or need medical assistance. In order to find a great doctor, it is better to start your search before you need help.


When you are in need of a doctor, you should start by polling your friends and family for recommendations. This can be a little less intimidating than choosing strangers from your insurance provider’s list. Look for doctors who are relatively close to you in location so making a visit won’t be a hassle. Make sure to contact the office to find out if those you have selected are taking new patients.


Even if you don’t need medical help, it is well worth your time to schedule an introductory checkup appointment so you can meet in person with the physician and their staff. Not all doctors operate the same way. You need to find someone with a bedside manner that makes you feel comfortable. You also want to evaluate the staff to ensure they are courteous and organized. If you ever need help in the future, you want to know you can rely on your doctor’s office as a whole.


You will also want to schedule appointments ahead of time to make sure your new selection can accommodate your schedule. If you work during the day, you’ll need to find a physician who has office hours in the evenings so you don’t have to miss work for appointments.


Remember you have a choice about who you want to use as a primary physician. If you are unhappy with your doctor’s mannerisms or the methods they use for treating you, you have a right to find a new doctor.


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