While crews from all over the country have arrived on the East Coast to help with the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy, the weather didn’t cooperate with their efforts. The Nor’easter storm that blew through the devastated region made it difficult and sometimes impossible to provide the assistance volunteers came to offer.


Recovery workers from out of state together with local crews had to temporarily focus their efforts on preparing for the upcoming storm. This caused a lot of setbacks in restoring power and assessing the damage. As storm debris from Sandy was removed as fast as possible before the snow fell, crews had to refocus their efforts on snow cleanup after the nor’easter.


Many roadways were blocked by downed trees and power lines and the snow added even more misery. The crews had to clear the debris from the roads caused by Sandy and immediately begin to salt and plow the roads when the nor’easter blew in. Additional power outages were reported soon after some areas had finally restore customers’ electricity.


Because of the amount of snow that feel in some areas, recovery teams were commissioned to handle the dangerous roadways rather than tend to Sandy’s devastation. Leave-covered roadways were covered in slush which began to freeze in the cold temperatures. Flooding was also occurring in the roadways due to snowfall.


Downed power lines were also a great concern of officials. As recovery efforts were halted due to the snow, live wires were covered and hidden from view creating a dangerous situation for workers and the general public.