Multiple sclerosis affects thousands of people across the country and there presently is not a cure for the condition that can lead to paralysis in the body. Multiple sclerosis can affect people at any time and at any age but is more prevalent among women than men and most commonly seen in those between 20 and 50 years of age.

The condition may be caused by hereditary or environmental issues and is largely unpredictable. Patients with MS will experience different issues with the condition and no treatment plan will solve all of the issues associated with the disease. Some patients may experience prolonged periods of difficulty and disability while others may go for years without any issues at all.

Diagnosing MS is not always an easy feat. There are no tests that can be performed to show evidence of MS in the body. There will be many steps involved in deciding if the patient meets the criteria for MS symptoms including a medical history review, MRI scans, and neurological tests. Extracting cerebrospinal fluid can also help conclude a multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

Depending on the progression of the condition, you may find yourself healthy one day but just a few months later unable to perform your daily tasks including working. If MS makes it impossible to safely perform your job duties and earn a living, you may be proven eligible for Social Security benefits.


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