What happens when businesses don't get the workers' compensation insurance required by law? One Brooklyn night club has found out.


Owner of Amnesia Forgets to Get Workers' Comp Insurance


Amnesia, a restaurant/night club located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn has drawn a lot of attention from area regulators. First, the club drew attention for hosting loud parties without the proper licenses. Now, it has gotten in trouble for not having workers' comp insurance.


The Worker's Compensation Board issued a stop-work order on September 17th that prevents the business from operating. Amnesia's owner, Frank Sofia, will also have to pay more than $126,000 thanks to his forgetfulness. 


Board Willing to Work With Sofia on Finding a Solution


The Worker's Compensation Board says it has tried to work with Sofia, but that he has been unavailable or unwilling to cooperate. The board says that violating the order could cause extensive legal troubles for Sofia. They would likely contact the police department and district attorney's office.


The board, however, says it is more interested in compliance than fines. It encourages Sophia to work with them so they can reach an agreement. Still, it insists that the business-owner follow current regulations that protect workers. If he does not comply, the Worker's Compensation Board of New York will likely seek further legal action.


Sophia claims that he will take care of the problem as soon as possible so that he can operate the business in a manner that protects his employees and respects regulations.