Individuals receiving Workers’ Compensation benefits will be compensated $.56 for mileage reimbursement in 2014, a decrease from 56.5 cents according to the New York Worker’s Compensation Board.

The decision was made in accordance with a board resolution adopted on February 20, 1990 which sets the mileage rate for reimbursement to claimants for travel by automobile at the same rate at which management/ confidential state employees are reimbursed for travel by automobile.

Reimbursement rates are designed to cover expenses incurred by injured workers as they travel to and from doctors appointments related to their accident or injury.

White Plains Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Brian Mittman, says despite the decrease, mileage reimbursement is critical for injured workers. “While $.56  a mile may not seem like a lot, every penny counts…especially when insurance companies often drag their feet making reimbursements.”

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