A New York worker was injured on a construction site in Ithaca on December 2nd. In the incident, 52-year-old Craig Hull of Ithaca was at work on a construction site near Cayuga Medical Center. Around 10:00 AM, he was operating a scissors lift, which is said to have tipped on a curb in the parking lot. Hull was thrown off the equipment at that time and sustained a fall to the ground. It is reported that he may have have injured his head in the fall, and emergency workers were called in. Deputies from the Tomkins County Sherriff were called in to assist, and Hull was transported by air to Robert Packer Hospital for his unknown injuries.

Although an official report on Hull's condition has not yet been released, the responding deputies have said that he is probably in stable condition. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is expected to investigate the construction site in response. 

The New York workers’ compensation lawyers with Markhoff & Mittman hope the reports of the stable condition of the worker are accurate, and we hope that Mr. Hull is able to be back on his feet soon. On-the-job injuries can have devastating effects on both the worker and loved ones, but we hope that this won’t be the case for Mr. Hull.