In a decision from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Metro-North Railroad has been ordered to pay $142,000 to an injured worker. The worker will also receive a promotion and some retroactive payments, with interest, for the salary difference in the new position. This decision comes after the worker accused Metro-North of refusing to classify his New York on-the-job injury as work-related. The worker also alleged that the company refused to promote him because of the injury.

Bill Ordner, an ironworker with the railroad, sustained an on-the-job knee injury during a lunch break at Metro-North. Ordner alleges the injury was not considered a work-related injury by Metro-North. Ordner believes the railroad failed to promote him to the position of locomotive engineer at least partly due to the work-related injury.

In a statement, Ordner said, "In my situation, management was not willing to listen to my safety concerns and became relentless and purposeful in their efforts to retard my career advancement."

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