A New York worker employed at a Connecticut car wash is still recovering in the hospital after being hit by a sport utility vehicle on Saturday.

The male employee was working at Splash Car Wash. At the time of the incident, he was standing near two vehicles that has just moved from the car wash bays when a Lexus SUV began driving toward the vehicles and the man. The driver of the Lexus hit the employee, sideswiped both of the nearby vehicles, and traveled through the parking lot. The Lexus SUV eventually came to a stop in the southbound lane of East Weaver Street.

Witnesses describe a woman behind the wheel of the Lexus and said she was driving fast. The woman remains unidentified by law enforcement but was taken to the hospital by police after the incident for observation. A witness who spoke with the driver after her vehicle stopped said she appeared to be okay.

The same witness left the Lexus driver to attend to his co-worker who has serious injuries to the upper right side of his body and to his right leg. The man also was observed as having a cut on his head. The parked vehicles were also seriously damaged with one vehicle deploying its airbags on impact.

This is not the first time the Splash Car Wash has seen a worker injured by a driver. There have been at least three other incidents in the last decade where workers were struck by drivers leaving the car wash. In two of those accidents, the worker died from his injuries.