The death of ad executive Suzanne Hart gripped the nation when it was announced she lost her life in an unfortunate elevator accident. Hart was attempting to get into an elevator at her job when she was caught half outside of a moving elevator.

Modern technology including that in elevators, escalators, and automatic doors may be safer and improved from the years past but it doesn’t mean they are error free. It was stated that the elevator in which Hart was to ride was just serviced just prior to the accident. People need to use discretion and follow the rules that go along with elevators and other modern mechanism.

Unfortunately the news of such a death will cause people to take notice for a short period of time and many will then resort back to their normal complacency about daily safety. Disregard for common rules such as not overcrowding the elevator or keeping tabs on shoelaces and loose clothing around a work area are reasons why accidents on the job continue to happen.

While there are some accidents that are unable to be avoided, there are many accidents caused by neglect or inattention on the part of other workers. Proper training can help eliminate stupid mistakes from getting people hurt or killed on the job and during such trainings employees need to devote their full concentration rather than just assume they know what to do. Employees have a responsibility to overall workplace safety just as much as the employers do.

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