If you are the victim of a serious burn injury, you are already too familiar with the medical process, long recovery time, and physical suffering that accompanies such an injury. Because this process can keep you off your feet for years – or even permanently – it may be wise to pursue disability for your injury.

When you apply for disability for a burn injury in Westchester County, the cause of your burn is largely irrelevant. To qualify for social security disability, the burn injury must be serious. How serious? Typically an injury must inhibit your normal function for at least a year and require recurrent surgeries or treatments. The burn or burns can be located on the head, face, torso, arms, or legs.

How Will My Burn Injury Be Evaluated for Social Security Disability?

Evaluation of soft tissue injuries (like burns) will aimed at determining the loss of function you've experienced from the injury. For a burn, the evaluation will focus on your physical ability to perform fine and gross movements and your ability to walk – with or without assistance. Again, even if it is proven that you have physical limitations due to your burn, these limitations will need to last at least a year or be expected to last a year for social security to grant you disability.

What Should I Do if I Have a Disabling Burn Injury?

It can be complicated to prove that you have a disabling burn injury. A burn, like any soft tissue injury, can become worse over time, become infected, require grafts and surgery, and sometimes lead to amputation. If you need help applying for disability or proving your burn disability in New York, consider speaking with a friendly and experienced White Plains disability lawyer who can explains your rights and options.

The Markhoff & Mittman team wants to remind you to always follow your doctor's instructions after a serious burn injury and to take care of yourself during the healing process. If you have questions about disability for your burn injury, contact one of our New York Social Security disability lawyers today at 855-614-4351 or request one of our free books. We look forward to serving you through your recovery.