A New York construction worker was injured in a workplace accident on December 7th, but coworkers say he is now reportedly doing well and healing up at home. Although it was feared that the worker, whose name has not been released, broke a leg in the on-the-job fall, another worker on the site has stated that the worker's leg was thankfully not broken in the incident.

The incident took place at the Mars Bar building near the corner of First Street and Second Avenue. A ceiling beam on the third floor apparently gave way while the worker was dismantling and removing sections of the ceiling. The ceiling collapse caused the worker to fall, and it has been stated that the worker suffered injuries from either the ceiling beam itself or the related rubble. 

The worksite is currently closed pending a hearing before the Environmental Control Board regarding potentially hazardous conditions for workers. The site apparently has a history of complaints, although no violations have resulted from those complaints in the past.

The New York workers' compensation lawyers with Markhoff & Mittman, PC are relieved to hear the worker is doing well after the accident, and we wish him the speediest of recoveries.