A Schroon Lake, NY construction worker lost his life last Thursday. The accident occurred in Warren County where 62-year old John ‘Jack' Lattimore was working on the Glen Bridge construction project.

Lattimore was an employee of the New York State Department of Transportation, working on the Bridge Maintenance team. Lattimore was working inside of a basket at the end of a boom truck. He was operating underneath the bridge when his head struck one of the bridge's steel support beams, trapping him underneath the bridge Despite Lattimore's use of a hard hat and harness safety equipment, the injuries still proved fatal. Lattimore was pronounced dead on the scene due to the head trauma he suffered.

In addition to Lattimore, there was another employee working in the bucket at the time of the accident who was not injured. A third employee was able to steer the bucket up to the highway after realizing Lattimore had been injured. He had to override the bucket controls in order to bring the workers back to the highway. At this time, the construction site accident near Albany is still under investigation with an autopsy planned for Lattimore. Members of the Department of Transportation and the Public Employee Safety and Health Unit will also evaluate the equipment including the boom truck.