If you have suffered serious burn injuries in New York that are likely to leave you disabled for more than one year, it may be wise to apply for Social Security disability. A serious burn injury can prevent you from working or completing any of your daily activities. Depending on the severity of your burn injuries, you may need ongoing medical treatments, surgery, or skin grafting to help you recover. Unfortunately, burn injuries also have the potential to become complicated and cause permanent scarring and loss of mobility. Even if it is obvious that your burn injuries are interfering with your life, you still have to provide a mountain of “proof” to obtain disability.

Unfortunately, the disability process can take a long time to complete, and you may run into complications along the way. In fact, most disability claims are denied at first, and only about 20% make it through the reconsideration stage. Although you could pursue a New York disability claim on your own, many people see a better outcome with the help of a New York disability lawyer who really understands how the system works.

A qualified and compassionate New York Social Security disability lawyer can help explain your rights and the steps required to obtain social security disability. Give an experienced White Plains disability lawyer a call today at 1-855-614-4351 to schedule a completely free legal consultation to talk about your situation. We look forward to hearing from you.