There are more workers’ comp claims in summer than any other season, according to Hartford, a New York property-casualty insurance company. Workers under 30 years old make up a large percentage of summer workers’ comp claims, probably because they are most commonly in jobs that may result in back-related injuries, slips, trips and falls. They’re also commonly employed in outside jobs, when heat related illness and injuries can become a problem during the hot summer months.

Despite the increase in workers’ comp claims during the summer months, there are steps you can take to reduce the number of on the job injuries employees have and reduce the number of workers’ comp claims you face:

Safety Part of the Hiring Process

Don’t wait until employees are hired to talk about workplace safety rules. Ask potential new hires about their attitude toward workplace safety regulations and get an idea whether or not they will comply with safety procedures you put in place. A large number of workplace injuries could be prevented with proper precautions.

Ongoing Safety Training

Once employees are on the job, there should be ongoing safety training with a focus on what to do in an emergency. All employees should be aware of safety procedures and know what to do if an accident occurs.

Adequate Supervision

While employees should not need ongoing hand holding, all workplace environments should have supervision in place to promote safe work practices and reduce workers compensation claims.