Two window washers were injured at a Sixth Avenue high-rise after the washing rig they were using collapsed. The men were working at least 40 stories up on the building when the rig became loose and started to tilt. The workers were able to hang on to the scaffold at a 45-degree angle until emergency rescuers arrived at the scene.


Rescue workers had to travel to the 43rd floor and cut through two panes of window glass to reach the workers. They wrapped a rope around both workers and pulled them through the window to safety. The workers were then rushed to Bellevue Hospital.


While the victims’ names have not been released, one worker was listed as a 40-year old man who was listed in stable condition at the hospital. His co-worker, a 68-year old man, was listed in serious condition. Neither worker is said to have injuries that are life-threatening.


The property landlord, Silverstein Properties, said the accident that injured the workers was caused by the rig’s motor which failed. They also noted that both workers were properly harnessed in and the rig’s safety system did work as it was supposed to. Building management was able to alert emergency rescue agencies.