The Stoneham Middle School was the site of a roof collapse that temporarily trapped a worker. A small roof collapsed last Tuesday leading to the worker having to free himself from the situation.


The collapse happened around 12:30pm when the male worker was trapped. He was able to get out from under the roof before rescue attempts could be made. The worker was assessed by medical workers and was found to have sustained no injuries.


The middle school is the site of a demolition project. The local Fire Chief stated that demolition sites always have three firefighters on detail in the event such an event occurs. He also noted the incident was caused by vibrations of heavy equipment being used on the job site. A backhoe and a Bobcat were working on different sections of the site. The vibrations of the machines caused a small section of the roof to fall down.


The roof was said to have caved in around the worker and he was able to walk from underneath it unharmed. The worker went right back to work after being cleared by the medical workers on site.