The experienced Red Hook workers’ compensation attorneys at The Disability Guys are excited to share this post on local resources for injured workers.

Social Security Administration Offices

If you’ve been injured at work that injury could prevent you from returning to work. When New Yorkers are unable to return to work, they could be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. Social Security offices in Brooklyn can be found at the following addresses:

7714 17th Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11214

195 Montague St,
Brooklyn, NY 11201

1540 Fulton St,
Brooklyn, NY 11216

2250 Nostrand Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11210

3386 Fulton St,
Brooklyn, NY 11208

1871 Rockaway Pkwy,
Brooklyn, NY 11236

These offices can be reached by phone by calling this number: (800) 772-1213.

Physical Therapists In And Near Red Hook, Brooklyn

Physical therapists can help patients recover from serious injury. Like chiropractic care, physical therapy can help to reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve strength.

If you seek a consultation with a physical therapist, be sure to provide a full medical history during the initial consultation.

ProKinetics Physical Therapy
71 Carroll St,
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(929) 387-4990

Brooklyn Health Physical Therapy, LLCRed Hook street near workers' compensation law firm.
164 20th St # 2A,
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(347) 529-6465

RPT Physical Therapy PC
400 Court St,
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 855-1543

Park Sports Physical Therapy
670 6th Ave,
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 369-2560

Mental Health Providers In And Near Red Hook

Despite continuing advocacy and increased awareness, many New Yorkers have a difficult time talking about mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, and PTSD. However, these three conditions are commonly diagnosed in injured workers who have suffered a sudden shock followed by constant physical pain. Our Red Hook workers’ comp legal team believes that mental health care is just as important as treating physical ailments and we encourage our clients to seek professional help if they experience symptoms like:

  • insomnia;
  • anxiety attacks;
  • loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities;
  • overwhelming sadness;
  • night terrors;
  • mood swings.

A few of the mental health providers in the area include:

Small Brooklyn Psychology
68 35th St Building 4, Suite C-556,
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(718) 622-4058

Beryl Nightingale PhD
44 Court St,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(347) 495-3624

New Pathways Counseling Center
148 Park Pl,
Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 398-1962

Desiree Woehrle, LCSW – Holistic Psychotherapy
164 20th St #3b,
Brooklyn, NY 11232
(646) 389-4886

Our lawyers hope that you have found this post helpful and wish you the best during your recovery.