There have been ongoing concerns about the nation’s dedicated service men and women that are struggling to live day to day after dedicating their lives to protecting our country. A recent fire in Yonkers highlights the sad reality for many of our country’s veterans.

The veterans were living illegally in a small residential space charged by an elderly woman who cared for the veterans for over 25 years. Officials on the scene described the living condition of the home as ‘horrible’. Most of the veterans were noted to have medical issues and mental disabilities. The eleven veterans were living in one room of the home which subsequently was condemned.

While various organizations including the US Department of Veteran Affairs have been called in to assist the veterans moving forward, it appears those living in the home for so long should have been receiving additional care prior to the fire. The veterans ranged in age from 40’s to 70’s.

Veterans and many elderly may need and be eligible for benefits through Social Security they are not aware of to provide for their continued medical care, especially for disabling medical issues. It may be necessary for their loved ones to reach out to find the proper assistance so they can be properly cared for unlike those living in such poor conditions as in the Yonkers situation.

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