Livery cabs are supposed to offer passengers a relaxing way to get from one place to another. One livery cab driver in Brooklyn's Highland Park neighborhood had a much more exciting day than he probably expected. Now the cops are looking for him and his car.


Around 1:15 p.m. the driver of a white Lincoln Town Car livery cab struck a 42-year-old man. The area where the man was is not very safe for pedestrian. It lacks a sidewalk and does not have a crosswalk. The driver, however, did not hop out of his cab to check on the victim. Instead, he drove away as quickly as possible.


In 2009, New York City had 256 traffic fatalities. It set a record for the city's lowest number.


When the police arrived, they took the man to nearby Brookdale University Hospital. By the time the victim reached the hospital, he had already passed away.


Unfortunately for the hit and run driver, witnesses saw the event and offered information to the police. The police now want to find the owner or driver of a white Lincoln Town Car. Ordinarily this description would not help much. Thousands of people own similar cars in the area. Knowing that this vehicle was a livery cab, however, gives the police a much narrower range of suspects.


At this time, police have not reported that they have found the driver. Given that livery cab drivers must register their vehicles and hold commercial licenses, though, it seems probably that the police will soon find the cowardly driver who left an injured man in the road.