A worker injured on a New York job site fell through the floor he was working on but didn’t have safety harnesses in place to prevent his fall. He filed a claim for summary judgment for negligence on the part of his employer as well as the owner of the building. The court agreed with the man when it was discovered the employer could not say where the safety equipment was located or if the employee was aware of their accessibility.


It is a very important reminder to all workers, especially those performing job tasks from heights, to employ safety gear such as harnesses when on the job. Without this protective equipment, falls can prove to be serious and sometimes even deadly. Many of the worse injuries occur during falls, especially in the construction industry.


While there was so specific details available whether the injured worker knew about the safety equipment on the job, it does serve as a wakeup call to employees that do not implement safety equipment on the job even if they are aware of its importance. No matter how long you’ve been on the job or how experienced you are at your work, there can be serious consequences from not using proper safety gear and from not properly using safety gear.


Safety gear should be provided by the employer and inspected on a regular basis. If, for any reason, the employer is not satisfied the gear is safe or if it is not available at all, the worker has the right to refuse to do the work until they are given the right equipment. No retaliation can be brought on by an employer if a worker refuses work due to safety concerns or lack of equipment.


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