Kidney conditions, whether inherited from genetics or developed through medication use or other medical complications, can bring about a lot of chaos in your life. Between the symptoms of fatigue and general illness and the medical intervention necessary for some kidney condition, living with a kidney condition can be difficult and prove to be a nemesis to your employment status.

Because of the symptoms and the need for dialysis treatments, patients with kidney issues can often be in need of time off from work. Severe kidney ailments and advanced cases may leave individuals unable to work at all who must then pursue claims for Social Security Disability benefits.

Kidney conditions can lead to failure if diagnosis and medical treatment is not done in a prompt fashion. The symptoms of potential kidney failure can be similar to other conditions that are not as serious. If you have symptoms of kidney problems it is important to seek medical attention so the doctor can perform the appropriate tests and give a diagnosis.

If you are put on dialysis, it will be important to discuss your medical situation with your employer so you can secure the medical leave necessary for treatment. If the symptoms and side effects of chronic kidney conditions are disabling to the point where you cannot work at all, you may need to apply for Social Security benefits.

If you must apply for those benefits for a kidney condition, it can certainly help to have an experienced attorney’s help with your claim, especially if you have filed for benefits before and your claim was denied. Contact our office for a free evaluation of your case by calling toll free at 888-799-3918 or using our online contact form for more information.