We use our fingers for just about everything but often fail to realize just how important they are in our daily lives. Not until something happens that puts our fingers out of commission for a period of time do we truly understand how much we use them.


When you suffer a finger break or finger fracture on the job, it can be difficult to return to work in a regular capacity. You may not be able to perform manual labor duties, office work, or other type of job functions without the full use of your finger. If using your finger may put your fellow co-workers at risk for injury, it is important to make considerations for the health and safety of others as well as yourself.


Finger breaks on the job are common because we rely on our fingers so much for getting the work done. Whether something fell on your fingers that caused the break or you slammed your fingers into something, a break can occur rather quickly. It is important to not ignore the pain or swelling of a finger injury. To do so may mean you end up with a deformed finger. In some situations, such a deformity can eliminate you from doing certain types of work.


While some workers may think a broken finger is no big deal, the reality is leaving a damaged finger untreated can bring you a lifetime of pain in the future. You need your fingers to do ordinary things every day. From eating to tying your shoes to button your jeans, your fingers help you complete tasks with ease. Deformed fingers from untreated breaks can result in your not being able to do even simple things moving forward.


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