Obesity is a growing concern across the country and recently the American Medical Association has determined that obesity is not a lifestyle consequence but a recognized medical condition.


There may be some situations in workers compensation claims where prior medical conditions can complicate a work-related injury claim. Because the laws are changing in workers compensation, it is important to understand your rights when injured on the job. Having a qualified workers compensation attorney to help you navigate the benefits process can be vital, especially when other factors can influence your claim.


Obesity has been shown to cost the workers compensation system additional money for medical treatment and recovery costs. Insurance companies are recognizing these issues and if you are not aware of how it can complicate your workers compensation benefits, you may be losing out. In addition to weight issues, your other related medical conditions influenced by your weight may be a factor.


Many who are considered clinically obese also have medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. These medical complications in addition to your weight can complicate and delay the healing process. It is advisable to consult with our legal team to ensure your medical care is a priority so you can be on the road to returning to work.


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