A recent story about an injured railroad employee sheds light on the unfair treatment of workers still going on today but also shows that employers are not getting away with it in every case.

The situation involved an employee of Metro-North Commuter Railroad Company who suffered an injury to his finger on the job and was medically excused from working until his finger had healed and the sutures were removed. Despite the doctor’s orders, management from the railroad company essentially cheated the system and had the injured man listed instead as restricted duty. The man was also forced to perform specific tasks directly prohibited by his doctor.

OSHA became involved in the case and as a result, the injured man was awarded $10,000 in punitive damage. There was no word on how much other damage the man incurred by being forced to work but it shows that some employers are not above intimidating injured workers to get the job done.

OSHA’s regional director stated that the actions of Metro-North were ‘unacceptable’ and essentially was a warning to other employees against reporting on the job injuries. OSHA reps also went on to say that railroad employees must be free to report their work-related injuries without being afraid of intimidation, harassment, and forced working conditions.

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