The 2010 list of most dangerous jobs in the United States based on 2010 statistics is certainly an interesting list. The commercial fishing industry took the number one spot as the most dangerous job, a title the industry has held in the past. Statistics do show that there were less deaths within commercial fishing from 2008 to 2010 but the amount of reported fatalities still keeps the industry listed as the most dangerous job in the United States. The Discovery Channel offers one of the highest-rated shows ‘Deadliest Catch' that follows the adventures of crab fisherman in the Bering Sea, a show that constantly highlights the trials and tribulations of relying on the sea for income.

Most of the others on the list are jobs that have long been on the dangerous list with a few interesting exceptions. For instance, garbage and recycling collectors were not even listed in the top 10 as of 2002. However, there are more people employed in this industry and anyone in a position of having to operate a vehicle or piece of equipment for work are at higher risk for injury or death due to traffic related incidents or by being injured or killed by the equipment being operated.

The logging and timber industry was also once the number one most dangerous job back in 2008. Employees in this field are highly susceptible to injuries and death caused by the operation of large, tree cutting equipment. Other hazards include falling trees, falling from great heights, and logging vehicle accidents.

The reality is that even if your industry is not on the list of the top 10 or even the top 100 most dangerous jobs in the United States, there are likely still risks to your health and welfare. If you have suffered an injury at work and now require ongoing medical treatment, you should consult a legal expert in our office for a free consultation. Our toll free number is 855-614-4351 or you can use our online form to discuss your worker's compensation case.