The New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has provided some hope for injured workers with his push to get more benefits awarded. According to the governor’s new budget figures, workers compensation benefits could be increased from a minimum of $100 to $150.


More money for workers missing time off of work to recover from a work related injury can certainly help ease some of the pressure workers hurt on the job experience between recovering from the injury and missing out on their normal routines.


Many have been pushing for reform in the workers compensation system. The price of prescription medications and doctor’s care has been a big concern for those receiving workers compensation benefits. It has also been worrisome to businesses in New York that have to pay for workers compensation coverage.


The governor has proposed reforms in the system to find more savings for New York companies and to make injured workers’ lives a bit easier. For those earning higher wages, this means more benefits will be provided to cover costs during recovery time from a work-related injury.


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