It was 59 years ago that a pilot was injured in a crash. Now that pilot is seeking a claim for workers compensation.


The pilot, Len Fisher, was spraying a crop field in Manitoba Canada in 1953. He hit a telephone wire and ended up crashing the aircraft. The crash resulted in the shattering of both of Fisher’s ankles. He spent eight months in the hospital.


Fisher is now 91 years old and says he wants to get what is owed to him. Due to the ongoing medical bills, Fisher says a friend encouraged him to file the claim for workers compensation benefits as he was unaware compensation was possible.


The former pilot has started collecting photos of the crash, newspaper stories, and copies of his hospital bill. He claims during his recovery period, he received reduced wages from his employer. He retired in 1983.


Currently, the Worker’s Compensation Board in Manitoba is working to confirm there was workers compensation coverage by the aviation company Fisher worked for at the time of the accident. It is said to be the first step in the claims process.


Canada’s Worker’s Compensation Act stated that workers comp claims must be filed within a year of the accident but a spokesperson said that in exceptional circumstances the time frame can be expanded.