Firefighters know that they have, what is considered to be, a dangerous job.  They risk their lives to assist and save the lives of others.  They also go on just more than fire calls, helping with accidents and various other jobs with a list of injury possibilities too great to mention.  Most that you talk to wouldn't consider themselves a hero, nor would they say that they wake up every morning thinking that this is the day they might get hurt or die. 
A recent fire in Tarrytown left one firefighter with an injury he won't soon forget.  While working to put out a blaze in a large multifamily home, part of the ceiling collapsed on this young firefighter.  He had to be taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries.  It was not an unusual fire call, and the inferno was quickly contained, yet a firefighter was still injured on the job. 
When firefighters are injured in the line of duty they are eligible for workers compensation.  The time that they miss from work and the medical bills they incur can have a negative impact on their family’s finances.  The forms that need to be filled out and the time-line of information that needs to be submitted to have a claim granted can be tricky. 

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