Late attorney Dennis Nalick has been named in a lawsuit which alleging forgery and fraud. On July 21st, the attorney was discovered in his Edwardsville home. Found dead the same day he was scheduled in federal court for sentencing on a mail fraud charge, Nalick appears to have been involved in what some might consider “questionable” legal activities.

As reported by, “A woman has filed a lawsuit claiming the late attorney Dennis Nalick forged her name on the documents and a check, defrauding her out of a workers’ compensation settlement.” According to the report, Paulette Sumpter was represented by Nalick in a 2007 workers’ compensation claim. The lawsuit filed by Sumpter states, “He allegedly fraudulently attempted to sell her claim by forging her signature on a contract outlining the settlement”.

The details of the lawsuit go on to claim Nalick then received a settlement check from the insurance carrier only to forge Sumpter’s signature as endorsement and deposit the check into his own account. Although Sumpter never received any compensation her request for further compensation or reinstatement of her claim have been denied by both her employer and the insurance carrier.

Although this case happened in Illinois, the same situation could certainly happen anywhere. When working with a workers’ compensation claim, always learn as much about your attorney before allowing them to represent your case. Like any other profession, there are reputable attorneys who have the training and experience to help you get the benefits to which you are entitled, while others are in business simply to rip you off. Workers’ compensation claims are submitted to provide benefits to employees injured on the job. Getting hurt on the job is not always preventable, however becoming the victim of an unscrupulous lawyer can be avoided. Take the time to learn about the person or firm with which you will be dealing before moving forward with your claim.