While it is bad enough to have to witness day after day the tragic results of Hurricane Sandy weeks after the storm hit, many volunteers and workers pulling overtime shifts are also battling their own damage to property. The workers may still continue to focus on helping their community get restored but they may also be putting themselves at risk for physical and mental health problems.


The tragedy that has affected a lot of the East Coast has brought in workers and volunteers from around the country. Hazardous debris must be moved to clear the roads and repair damaged buildings. Simply breathing the air in the hardest hit areas during restoration can cause a number of problems especially to the respiratory system. Add to the mix the constant stress of the work and those in the thick of it can end up very sick.


It is important for all workers and volunteers to keep up with their health. By not eating or sleeping can pose serious health risks and can also affect mental health. A proper diet and plenty of rest and downtime is important. Paid workers need to be very cautious about their health especially if they have been feeling sick or have already suffered an injury on the job.


Medical attention has been made available even in the hardest hit areas of New York. Workers are encouraged to seek treatment for physical ailments but also should not ignore symptoms of mental fatigue including depression and anxiety. These conditions can have long-lasting consequences just as any untreated physical injury can.


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