Everyone makes mistakes. It is part of being a human but when your mistake on the job is especially dangerous, you have to stand up and take responsibility. When the captain of the Italian cruise ship went off course and started to sink literally jumped ship before tending to passengers, things got out of control. Thousands of people including crew members working on the ship were left to their own devices. Placing lifeboats in the water proved difficult because of the sideways position of the ship after the crash.

Once the captain or whoever is found guilty of the fatal error, there must be some action taken. However, at the time of the accident, the situation could have been much less deadly if the crew including the captain had admitted to the mistakes and followed safety protocol. Now at least 11 lives have been lost with many more passengers still missing. Rescue efforts have not been favorable due to the instability of the ship and the conditions of the water. There are also environmental concerns with the amount of fuel still in the ship.

The world at large has been outspoken about this fatal mistake of a cruise ship employee. Words like coward and irresponsibility are part of the recent headlines. As an employee, you have a responsibility not only to yourself but to all of your co-workers, your employee, and the people you serve on the job to do your part when mistakes occur. You need to open up and react appropriately if you make an error in judgment that can literally cost people their lives.

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