The holidays do not always bring out the best in people. Stress and depression is often affecting our families and coworkers for numerous reasons which can carry over into the workplace. While many are celebrating the holidays with gusto, some are struggling to get out of bed each morning.


The holiday season can be a time of constant stress and worry and employers should be on the lookout for issues that come up with employees. Providing additional resources for stress training and reduction around the holidays can help ease some of the tension in the workplace.

Those who are negatively affected by the holidays are often overwhelmed with the expectations of others. It is important for those feeling stressed out during the holidays to admit their feelings. You may reach out to loved ones or seek comfort from your co-workers in order to deal with your feelings of being overwhelmed.


Money concerns are often the issue when dealing with the holidays. You may be putting in extra hours on the job to make enough for your gift giving needs. It is important to take breaks from work and get enough rest or your health may suffer. Stick with a sensible budget when shopping and don’t go in over your head with debts. It is important to understand that many working people do not have a lot of cash flow, often living paycheck to paycheck. Make the holidays about spending time with family and friends and not how much you can buy.


The holidays can be difficult for many reasons but bringing your personal stress in the workplace can be both dangerous and risky. Your inability to handle decisions, your job duties, and your personal life may not put you in the best light with your employer. If your stress levels are causing you issues at work, you may not have a job after the holidays are over with.