Stress in the workplace is one of the leading killers of productivity. Having stressed out employees can create a lot of tension and unnecessary drama that affects the whole operation. Stress can also result in workplace violence.


Individuals can help circumvent their own stress in the workplace. It will be important that everyone take responsibility for their attitudes and productivity while on the job. Getting enough sleep before work, eating a good diet, and exercises are all ways stress and irritation levels can be lowered. Employees who are carrying over their personal stress into the workplace can easily be provoked into additional stressful situations. It will be important for individual workers to de-stress outside the workplace. When stress is apparent, there should be protocol established for workers who would like to access counseling or other stress-relief resources.


Employers should also provide the appropriate training concerning stress and violence in the workplace in order to help identify situations that can progress negatively. They also need to ensure that workplace safety is a key concern for management. Supplying workers with what they need to get the job done not only helps to cut down on stress levels but also promote productivity.


Communication skills are also important. Training sessions to incorporate the proper way to communicate on the job can go a long way toward promoting good relations amongst co-workers. Staff that feel they can freely communicate with management typically are more productive and more satisfied with their jobs. Management also needs to be trained to recognize early warning signs of stress and provide resources to help workers who are feeling overwhelmed.


There are also morale issues to consider. If employees are feeling appreciated, they tend to be more productive on the job. Company leaders can work to offer incentives to keep morale boosted and reduce the amount of stress felt in the workplace. Employees that look forward to reporting to work every day will be more productive and less likely to leave. When turnover rates are reduced, an operation can be very productive creating a stable environment for all.