Workplace injuries may be more common in certain lines of work. But regardless of what kind of job function you perform, the risk of injury is always there especially without the proper training or due to the negligence of another. In the case of summer time work related accidents, there are many common injuries that hurt people that were almost always preventable.


The first thing workers need to be concerned with is proper hydration. Those working outside in the sun or in an inside area not well ventilated or air conditioned are susceptible to dehydration which can quickly turn serious. It is vital that all workers have access to fresh water and be properly educated to identify the warning signs of dehydration in other people.


Another serious summer concern involves medical conditions resulting from the sun. Sunburn and sun poisoning are preventable medical issues that can be prevented by ensuring all workers are sufficiently protected with a quality sunscreen and protective clothing such as hats and sunglasses. Even on overcast days, UV rays can cause serious skin problems or more serious heat-related conditions including sun stroke. Breaks in the shade to cool down are highly recommended for those working outside.


Those working outside in the summer also need to ensure they have access to basic first aid materials to prevent infections and more serious problems. Employees that have serious allergic reactions to outdoor environmental triggers such as bee stings or poison ivy need to be prepared with the proper medications such as an epi-pen and their fellow co-workers should be skilled at helping their co-workers in the time of need.


Summer work can be difficult due to the heat and humidity. Prevention plans is the best way to reduce workplace injuries. With the proper training, sufficient protective gear, and proper hydration workers can prevent the most common summer related incidents and injuries on the job.