The symptoms of heartburn and the potential signs of heart attacks can potentially mimic each other which can pose a danger to those who experience signs. It is important that you try to pay attention to what is happening and when so you’ll know if you should seek immediate medical attention. The term heartburn can be misleading it that the problems are not related to the heart unlike a heart attack.


Here are three basic tips to help you make the differentiation:


After Eating

When people have heartburn, they likely will experience discomfort and even pain after eating, especially if they ingest citrus fruits, tomato products, or caffeinated foods and drinks. If pain begins after eating meals or eating specific foods known to cause heartburn, the symptoms are likely heartburn-related. If pain strikes at any time and you feel problems that do not go away, you may want to check in with your physician to be sure the symptoms are not related to your heart.


Moving Around

When people have a full stomach after eating, pain can begin when the person moves into another position. Heartburn can become painful when you try bending over or laying down. When pain is related to a heart attack, it can occur with activity or without. Heartburn discomfort will often be accompanied by a taste described as sour or bitter. Heart attack pain can develop into sweating, nausea, and even bouts of vomiting.


Radiating Pain

Heart attack pain tends to feel more like pressure to the chest area that lasts for a few minutes. The pain can also be intermittent, going away and coming back a short time later. Pain is most often felt in the jaw, the neck, or as radiating down one arm or both. Pain can also extend to the back or the stomach area. Heartburn pain is mainly felt just under the breastbone and feels more like a burning sensation that stays in one place.


If you experience a pain in the chest area that you are not able to identify, seek medical attention to rule out the more serious medical complications. Heart attacks can prove deadly so waiting can be dangerous. Don’t delay in seeking help if pain is persistent and you suspect there is more going on than heartburn.