Workplace violence is becoming a common headline around the nation and New Yorkers have had their fair share of headline-making acts of violence that risk the health and welfare of workers. From single individuals acting out in anger to more well-planned schemes to do harm, workplace violence can take a serious toll on the workers hurt as well as those left behind.

If you work with the public, you are likely aware of the risks associated with different types of personalities. Mental health conditions may also be a trigger common in outbursts of violent acts in the workplace. If you work in a relatively quiet office space or other environment, it can be quite shocking to be involved in an act of violence against co-workers.

Unfortunately, it is this unpredictability that makes assessing workplace violence difficult. Sometimes situations spring up when you least expect it committed by the least likely candidate. For this reason, employers need to take the threat of workplace violence seriously and have a plan in place to ensure that in the event something does happen, co-workers will know how to react.

Security is another factor employers should consider to help protect workers on the job. In many cases the person inflicting violence doesn’t work at the place they attack. Security measures should be taken to protect workers from uninvited guests. For workers who are guilty of in-house violence, employers may need to implement stricter hiring practices that include background checks and employee screening techniques to increase security and safety in the workplace.


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