A recently dismissed lawsuit against the owners of property where a worker was injured highlights the difference between receiving workers compensation benefits and fighting for damages in court per the Labor Law.


When you are legitimately hurt on the job, you are entitled to receive benefits for workers compensation claims you file against your employer. This will allow you to recoup lost wages and have medical treatments paid for while you recover. In some cases, the benefits will not be enough to support you in recovery or in the future.


When you are looking to pursue a civil case against others outside of your employer for their role in your accident and injuries, you will need to prove negligence of violations of Labor Laws if you hope to be successful in your pursuit. Damages typically require solid proof of one’s negligence and are not guaranteed.


There are special rules that apply in Labor Law cases and proof will be required to their specifications. Because you were injured while on the job you can be eligible to receive compensation based on your job and income. You do not necessarily have the benefit of the doubt when trying to pursue a claim for damages citing Labor Laws.


Your best option for dealing with injuries on the job is to consult with an experienced workers compensation attorney to ensure you protect your rights to benefits. You can get a free consultation with our legal team by calling toll free 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form.