Many workers are injured on the job every day and employers are starting to ramp up their preventative measures to avoid costly lawsuits and loss time from work. OSHA promotes health and safety programs meant to prevent hazards in the workplace. These programs are designed to identify on the job hazards and formulate a plan for dealing with them in a proactive manner. Such programs have been determined to be instrumental in reducing the amount of injuries and fatalities to workers.

While your employer may be taking the steps to establish regular training, it is important that as an employee you become an active participant in the activity. Otherwise, you are putting yourself and your co-workers at risk for injury when you fail to pay attention. Many employees, especially those on the job for an extended time, do not take training seriously, especially if they feel they have heard it all before.

Avoiding the learning aspect of the same job you’ve been doing can prove to be detrimental. It is vital that all of the workforce stays involved and actively participates in training to stay on the same page. Without the involvement of everyone, the programs will not be effective.

It is important to take training and on the job education seriously. With the reliance of co-workers to react appropriately in a crisis situation, you must be fully to prepared to help if something happens just as you would rely on your co-workers to help you if you were injured on the job. There is vital information to be learned especially during health and safety prevention programs and companies are not putting them together for fun. They are coordinating programs because they have proven to be effective at reducing injury and illness caused by work incidents.