When you are busy working, taking care of the home and family, and trying to fit everything into your day, are you thinking about your own health?  Many people that are working hard to make ends meet and provide for their families often fail to provide first for themselves. Poor lifestyle choices and a lacking diet could result in a future filled with serious health complications and even potential work-related injuries.


Diet and exercise are preached about so often people tend to no longer even notice. They grab a quick hamburger from the local drive-thru day and day and think nothing of it. It is only when they suffer a devastating health condition such as a stroke or heart attack do they realize how different things should have been done.


What you put into your body certainly does matter. If you go to work without a good, nutritious breakfast, you’ll find you start running on empty. Not only are you hungry, you could be affecting your blood sugar levels, your stress levels, and your blood pressure. All of these factors can leave you at risk for an injury on the job. Imagine passing out while working and what injuries could be sustained by you or your fellow co-workers.


Changing your habits can be hard work but not everything has to be done overnight. It takes time to correct bad habits so be patient with yourself. Start incorporating one new, healthier activity in your life once a month to get started. Eat more fresh, organic foods and research healthier recipes you can take for your work lunch. As you begin to feel the benefits off a healthier lifestyle, you may be more motivated to continue making positive changes.


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