The recently filed case by a housekeeper against the Plaza brings to light the different dangers associated with working in hotels. The housekeeper suffered a fractured foot as the result of a freight elevator suddenly dropping downward and coming to a violent stop. But it is not just elevators that pose a danger to hotel workers.
First of all, every employee in a hotel has to deal with the general public in some form or another. This is always a risk to health and safety. Additionally, because so many different people come in and out of hotels, there can be dangers left behind that workers do not even think about.
The hotel industry employs many different types of people including cooks, housekeeping, and maintenance workers who can be injured just carry out their respective jobs. Repetitive motion injuries, electrocution, burns, and the like are all job risks but then you add in the other factors of hotel dangers and the situation can get serious.
Those employed in the hospitality industry need proper training to deal with the public, emergencies, and just day to day job skills, especially in the bigger environments. With adequate training and qualified staff safety should be made a priority not only for guests but also for every person working in the hotel environment.

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