The summer heat and humidly can literally take your breath away if you suffer from disabling asthma. Although you should always follow your asthma action plan and contact your doctor immediately if you are having any difficulty breathing, here are some additional tips to help manage your asthma disability as the temperatures rise:

  • Don’t wait to use your inhaler. Using your quick-relief inhaler at the first sign of symptoms may prevent a more serious asthma exacerbation and potential hospitalization. 
  • Gets lots of water. Keeping hydrated helps mobilize secretions and keeps your lungs clear.
  • Stay inside during the hottest part of the day. Staying inside or in an air-conditioned area alleviates some hot weather asthma symptoms and may also help if you have outdoor allergies. Save any outdoor activities for mornings and evenings.
  • Pay attention for ozone and allergen alerts. You can find these alerts in your local news. If the air quality is bad or the allergen levels are high, it is best to plan to stay inside.
  • Use a grill with an electric starter and avoid fumes. We all love to grill during the summer, but fumes from lighter fluid can make breathing difficult for those with an asthma disability. 

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