Two hospital Bronx hospital employees suffered injuries from a gunman’s bullet when they were attending to patients and the gunman opened fire. The two employees were not the target of the shooting but suffered injuries from bullet fragments after the shot was fired.

The Bronx hospital was noted in the news to be in an unsafe city location and the shooting is alleged to be gang related. This hospital noted they treat well over 13,000 patients in the emergency room in a year’s time and while this episode was the most violence the hospital has ever seen, it brings to light the potential danger emergency healthcare workers face with the public each day.

With injured strangers coming in off the street for a variety of reasons, emergency medical staff has the priority of providing emergency care regardless of the circumstances. Violence against hospital workers is not uncommon, especially when patients with mental health issues are involved.

In the Bronx scenario, the shooting was said to be a situation that carried over from gang member events earlier in the day, with the situation coming to a head in a public hospital waiting room. Not only did the gunman’s action threaten the health and safety of hospital workers, he put the general public at risk, including sick and injured patients waiting for help.

Those responding to the public’s calls for help including ambulance drivers, first responders, and police officials are also at risk as they daily walk into unknown situations with the intent to help. There is no telling what is waiting on the other side of the door.

Training and certification in responding to emergency situations is vital to the safety of emergency workers as well as hospital staff. Working with the public adds an additional element of on the job safety concerns, especially in a medical capacity.


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