There are many jobs where worker are not very committed to their employer for a variety of reasons. For the workers that work different shifts and whose company is in operation during the holidays, it can be all too easy for workers to call in sick or just not show up for work.

When you miss work with unexcused absences it affects the whole work environment. When you call off, someone else has to pick up your slack and in many cases businesses cannot function safely without their full staff. This can become a hazard to the safety of the workplace as a whole since most businesses cannot afford to stop being productive despite accidents.

The holiday season is a time everyone wants to enjoy but work obligations should rank in priority. Ideally, employees should plan ahead to take days off during the holiday festivities and save up their vacation days rather than blow off work at the last minute leaving someone else stuck.

Unfortunately many more industries are glossing over holidays to earn more profits and are relying on their employees to show up as scheduled. The have standards set in their employee handbooks that outline the consequences of skipping work without a legitimate medical excuse or a true emergency.

If you are considering an unscheduled call off, be sure you are in compliance with your employer’s rules for absences or you may not have a paycheck to come back to when the holidays come to an end.


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