There is a lot to celebrate during the holidays but a lot of mistakes are made on the job that can lead to your termination. Here are some tips to keep you safe and secure in your job over the holidays:

When attending the holiday office party or family get together, don’t drink and drive. Putting yourself and others lives in jeopardy can cost you your job, your freedom, and your life.

Don’t show up drunk at work. Holiday partying can sometimes get out of control and showing up incapacitated to work is a danger to you and others.

Don’t call off during the holidays if you haven’t taken the appropriate steps to schedule vacation. Workers who have unscheduled calloffs can be subjected to termination.

Don’t misappropriate office/work supplies for your own use. Many companies will not tolerate theft of any kind and you will likely be terminated without too many questions.

Don’t let the excitement of the holidays make you lose your focus. When on the job pay attention and follow proper safety protocol rather than be in a rush to get out of work and make mistakes that can cause injuries or fatalities.

Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy time with family and friends. Be prepared to finish your shifts at work on a good note rather than complicate things with injuries and accidents.