Heartburn is a common condition among human beings. Many people experience the symptoms and discomfort of heartburn on a daily basis and have to rely on over the counter medications to ease the symptoms just to be able to do normal activities.


When facing chronic heartburn, it can be very difficult to perform your regular work duties. Your discomfort can be excessive if you have a job that requires constant movement especially bending down and lifting. These activities can cause stomach acid to habitually rise up into your esophagus. This can lead to your getting sick on the job or being unable to perform normal work duties without problems.


Heartburn may be common but it is important to ensure the problems you are having are in fact related to heartburn. You should make an appointment with your primary doctor and explain your symptoms. Testing may be done to determine that heartburn symptoms are what you experience and there is no sign of other medical conditions present.


Some cases of chronic heartburn will require you to have surgical intervention rather than rely on medications so it is important to rule out other problems first. There are prescriptions and over the counter medications available to treat chronic heartburn and make it easier to handle work duties but you should consult first with your doctor to prevent other medical conditions from being triggered.


Symptoms you may relate to heartburn can be a sign that something else is wrong. If your medical diagnosis points to a condition that prevents you from working, you may have a claim for Social Security disability benefits.


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