There are a lot of factors on the job that can result in the development of new heart problems or the complications of existing heart issues. Some of the most concerning factors for workers on the job related to heart health includes overwhelming stress and anxiety and the physical labor some jobs require.

Atrial fibrillation is the irregular, rapid heartbeat that can be a chronic problem or can come and go. The rapid heartbeat causes complications in the blood flow through the body which can lead to feeling dizzy and lightheaded during work. Many workers will choose to ignore these seemingly non-life threatening symptoms especially while on the job. They do not want to be perceived as weak or as a risk to fellow workers. Many worry their jobs will be put in jeopardy if they admit to medical problems.

Unfortunately the neglect of heart issues can quickly turn badly. Atrial fibrillation can be the symptoms of more serious heart problems. While everyone may experience a heart flutter here and there, rapid heartbeats and weakness can signal that something is more serious and requires medical help.

No job is worth risking your life over. If you begin to experience heart pain or other symptoms while at work, make sure you report the incidents to your supervisor as soon as possible. It is in your best interest to also seek medical treatment even if the symptoms do not see serious and are only temporary. Request time off from the job to visit the emergency room just to ensure all is well and there are no medical complications.

Suffering a heart attack on the job can be dangerous to your fellow workers. You may be a risk to your employer is for health issues affect your ability to do your job. Make your health a priority and follow through on heart checkups regularly.


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