If you are disabled and can no longer maintain your work life, filing a claim for disability benefits may be the only way you can survive daily living. However, just because you have filed a legitimate claim doesn’t mean that claim will not be challenged by employers or Social Security.

Due to the increasing amount of fraudulent claim filings, investigations into applicants are becoming more commonplace. Before benefits are approved, be assured the legitimacy of the claim has the right to be proven.

Recent headlines show how involved disability claim frauds can be. But for those with legitimate claims, the investigations can halt payments and cause a problem meeting financial obligations in life. Those relying on benefits as their only viable resource for income can be hard-pressed to meet daily expenses not to mention the long-term costs of healthcare and treatment.

Just because your claim for disability has been denied does not mean you are out of luck. Provided your claim is legitimate, you have the right to file an appeal and get the benefits you deserve.

However, the headlines also shed light on the importance of not filing claims that are fraudulent. While many have escaped with the benefits without getting caught, the investigations are getting more intense. Fraudulent disability claims are on the rise but so are claim denials. Investigators have caught scam artists doing everything from running their own business to playing golf five days a week even though they claim they can barely make it out of bed.

Yes there are doctors willing to participate in filing false claims for disability but it is in everyone’s best interest to stop fraud from increasing the costs of healthcare and disability benefits for those who truly need it most.


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