No one wants to get hurt or develop a chronic, debilitating illness that puts them out of work for an extended period of time but it does happen. Employers will hold your position during your disability but they also lose money due to your absence.
As for you, it can be difficult to return to a job you left unexpectedly. There are likely things that have changed and you will need to time to readjust to a return to work schedule. In some cases, the return to the job will not be as welcoming as you’d hoped.
There are new guidelines now that employers can use to make the transition back to work for those with long absences more standardized. Employers are encouraged to be more in touch with the return to work process and all that it entails. More programs to help workers are being created to help improve their health and abilities on the job, especially after a disabling condition or illness.
Employers in general are encouraged to create a more caring work environment and develop proactive management techniques for dealing with long-term absences. If you have been having problems with your employer concerning a long-term disability absence, be sure to contact our experienced legal staff for guidance.

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